Social media automation for YouTube

Quick and easy video publishing with Blog2Social

Discover quick and easy social media automation for YouTube with Blog2Social! Whether you prefer it as a WordPress plugin or a standalone web app, Blog2Social streamlines your daily social media planning, freeing up your valuable time for more crucial tasks.

With a whopping 2.5 billion active users, YouTube stands out as the perfect platform to boost your visibility with engaging videos. Efficiently connect with your YouTube audience using Blog2Social!

Blog2Social: social media automation for YouTube

Social media management for YouTube

Share multiple videos with just a few clicks

Schedule videos

Schedule your videos for the best time with Blog2Social’s Best Time Manager. Use the preset suggestions or save your own time settings.

Effortless publishing

Schedule and publish your videos effortlessly. Blog2Social automatically shares your posts at the right time.

Save time

Batch schedule your videos with Blog2Social. Spend only minutes on it instead of hours, and save yourself precious time for more important tasks.


This is how YouTube works with Blog2Social

Post consistently on YouTube with minimal time effort

Regularly connect with your enthusiastic community through your YouTube videos.
Create a flexible and tailored content plan for YouTube using Blog2Social.


Connect YouTube to Blog2Social

Connect your YouTube channel to Blog2Social and start publishing your videos straight away.


Select or create a post

Customize your post or choose a custom YouTube post template to save even more time.


Post at the best time

Select the preset best time to post on YouTube or schedule your video at your individual best time.


Hand over the reins to your feed to Blog2Social

Simply click “Share” and let Blog2Social handle the rest while you lean back and relax.

How YouTube works with Blog2Social
Publish your videos when your audience is online with Blog2Social's social media automation for YouTube

The best time to post on YouTube

Maximize your videos’ visibility with Blog2Social

Conquer YouTube with Blog2Social and our Best Time Manager! Our social media automation for YouTube makes content publishing a breeze. Maximize your reach and the success of your videos with our smart solution. Simplify your social media marketing and boost your results – Blog2Social makes it happen!

Automatic YouTube publishing

Share more videos in less time

With Blog2Social, planning YouTube videos becomes a child’s play, cutting down significantly on the effort involved. Blog2Social ensures your video is promptly published or scheduled at specific times on YouTube. You can fine-tune and optimize the video description directly within Blog2Social. Plan multiple releases of your video in a single workflow, publishing on different accounts or at various times. This way, your YouTube profile is always kept up-to-date.

Autopost all your videos with smart social media automation for YouTube
Easily share videos with social media management for YouTube with Blog2Social

Social media management for videos

Consistent growth with effortless social media management

Boost your video reach to the max! Blog2Social lets you effortlessly share your content not just on YouTube but also across all your go-to platforms. Share your posts automatically on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, and other top networks—no extra time needed!


Frequently asked questions about posting on YouTube with Blog2Social

Automate your YouTube video publishing now!

Feel free to test the Blog2Social video function for a 30-day trial period. No commitments and no automatic renewal, giving you the flexibility to decide which version suits you best afterward.

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